At, we understand that the path to recovery from addiction is personal, and sometimes it extends beyond one’s home country. With this in mind, we’ve created an expansive international platform that showcases a diverse range of rehabilitation centres and treatment methodologies from around the world. Whether you’re looking for a serene retreat in Bali, a holistic approach in New Zealand, or a clinically advanced facility in the heart of London, our website is designed to be your comprehensive guide.

Our platform offers detailed insights into various international rehab options, alongside testimonials that can shed light on the experiences of those who’ve walked this path before. Additionally, we provide a wealth of educational content, ensuring that individuals are well-equipped with knowledge when making their decision.

Liesl du Plessis
The strength and reliability of our platform are amplified by the expertise of Liesl du Plessis. A dedicated addiction counsellor, Liesl brings a wealth of knowledge about international treatment avenues. Her commitment goes beyond just offering counsel; she invests time in researching and curating detailed information on rehabilitation centres across the globe. This ensures that our users have access to accurate, timely, and trustworthy resources when considering treatment abroad.

Away from her professional commitments, Liesl is an avid traveller. Her journeys across continents not only fuel her passion for photography but also provide her with a broader perspective on global approaches to addiction treatment. Additionally, her love for poetry offers her a unique lens through which she views and communicates the human experience.

At, we combine international insights with Liesl du Plessis’s expertise to provide a resource that’s unparalleled in its scope and depth. Turn to us for your global addiction treatment queries and embark on a well-informed path to recovery.